Our Belief
Vision, Mission & Values
TRANSCO’s Vision
TRANSCO will be a leading international provider of transmission services for potable water and electricity.

TRANSCO’s Mission
TRANSCO will ensure the delivery of an essential public service by transmitting potable water and electricity safely, securely and reliably whilst achieving the optimum balance of performance, risk, cost and sustainable development.

TRANSCO’s Corporate Values

Corporate values should guide the behavior’s and practices of management and employees. Examples of behaviors are provided for each value below and these are just a few of many traits required for a TRANSCO employee to possess. Corporate values typically remain unchanged over a long period of time – business strategies and operational initiatives may change over time, but the values underpinning them should remain constant. TRANSCO has been operating under a consistent set of corporate values for several years, but this year we have revised these values as follows:

Stakeholders focus

We provide a good client experience and drive value for all our stakeholders (clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, etc.) We focus on understanding our stakeholder’s needs and make the necessary efforts to meet their expectations to build long term relationships.

  • Behaviours
    1. Listen – we actively listen, demonstrating genuine care and respect for others opinions
    2. Communicative – we communicate with our stakeholders in order to ensure a good flow of information
    3. Empathy– we identify with the feelings, thoughts, and attitudes of our peers and stakeholders


We embrace team spirit above individuality and personal accomplishments. All problems are our problems. When we solve problems together as a team and come to a decision, we support it as if it had been our idea in the first place.

  • Behaviours
    1. Selfless – we promote the group and collective goal over individual interest for the success of our team and organisation
    2. Accountable – we take responsibility for our actions and performance and their impact on others
    3. Transparent – we are trusting and honest
    4. Valuing colleagues – we provide an engaging environment treating our colleagues with fairness and respect

Continuous Improvement

We promote and strive for improvements through a learning environment, taking proactive steps to improve our performance in everything we do. We leverage on our intellectual assets and expertise to provide innovative solutions and embedding best practices.

  • Behaviours
    1. Knowledge sharing – we provide mentorship where needed in business, technical, and consulting areas
    2. Thorough – we focus on measuring things, collect facts and take informed decisions
    3. Proactive – we take initiative, anticipate needs, and seek better ways to work together
    4. Safety – We adhere to the highest standards to ensure the safety, health and prevention of injuries to our employees and all those we work with. Safety is our top priority because lives depend on it.

Socially Responsible

We proactively engage with the community, and strive to have a positive impact on society and the environment. The aim is to contribute to improve the standards of living and quality of life in communities we provide services, while preserving the sustainability of the business.

  • Behaviours
    1. Engaged – we are part of communities and we should engage in activities that add benefit
    2. Compassionate – we care for the environment and apply a long term approach in our decisions