UAE Nationals are a top priority
TRANSCO is the major player of the utility sector in the region, its business objectives are to keep lead in transmission industry while special attention is paid to developing its UAE National workforce. One of TRANSCO’s major business objectives in line with the Abu Dhabi Emiratization policy is to recruit, develop and retain qualified UAE Nationals. To fulfill that purpose Emiratization has been taken as one of the company’s main initiatives, special UAE National development policy is developed into affect to ensure all and every Emeriti while working at TRANSCO is given progressive career development opportunity while his personal status is improved.

TRANSCO encourages UAE nationals and creates the right opportunities to attract them. We are committed to hiring UAE Nationals and to offering them the training and support that they need. Nationals Candidates are recruited on the basis of their suitability to meet our requirements and specifications as described in our job description.

The goal is to recruit and develop 100 UAE National Engineering Graduates and 100 UAE Nationals with vocational qualifications over the next five years. The overall objective is to raise the UAE National Graduates population to 50% by 2012. Our mandate is to develop and retain UAE National work force, and this will be achieved by pro-active selection and recruitment, development and retention, and career enhancement.

TRANSCO would offer an excellent career opportunity to the qualified UAE nationals who would be willing to take the challenge of learning and working in TRANSCO. TRANSCO would offer outstanding salary and benefits to its UAE national work force, competitive salary package, cash in lieu of accommodation rental charges, vacation allowance, transportation allowance, etc.

It is the mandate of TRANSCO to pay special attention to its UAE national personnel, it is one of the company’s main initiatives to have individual succession plan, and personal career assessment for the Emirati personnel. Working at TRANSCO would provide individual career path for UAE Nationals work force while the fresh graduates would follow career development plan receiving regular assessment, salary adjustment, promotions to higher grades, etc.

Potential assessment and competency mapping of personnel along with individual annual objective setting and its follow up in line with career development assessment and individual succession planning complements with having annual training plan for all personnel. The company considers training its personnel as an investment and no effort is spared to ensure all UAE national employees receive individual and group training to enhance their career and add to their performance. TRANSCO provides wide range of learning opportunities for its employees. It coordinates a range of technical, management and competency development programs as well as on-the-job training courses with a focus on the training of UAE National employees. HR & Admin. Department develops and implement the Company’s Training Plan that reflects the key competencies to assure continuous skills development.

We recognize the need to encourage UAE Nationals in the pursuit of graduate and postgraduate qualifications, particularly in technical disciplines and specialist fields, and the need to make attractive careers available for successful students, in the power and water industry of Abu Dhabi.

To meet this objective, we shall use one of two approaches. One approach is for non-graduate UAE National employees, and the other is for the UAE National School leavers.