Safety Awareness
Safety is everyone’s business
Our main Safety Objective is the protection of our employees, contractors and the general public from injury as a result of the day to day activities that we all undertake on behalf of TRANSCO.

We conduct risk assessments for each activity and where the risk of injury or damage is high; we look to eliminate, substitute, or reduce the risk by controlled measures, using Personal Protective Clothing as a last resort.

These risk assessments are reviewed to consider any changes to the process or organisation that may have occurred. This is to ensure our control measures are still adequate, appropriate and work.

We monitor and manage the controls through inspections and internal audits. This is reviewed every six months with Senior Management when trends are reviewed.

As with Safety our main objective under Health is to protect our employees and contractors from long term health affects caused by TRANSCO operations. As with Safety risk assessments are undertaken to ensure employees are not put at risk from the activities they carry out.

Health affects are long term injuries that employees may not feel straight away. These affects build up over time and therefore need early education and awareness to prevent long term injuries.

Poor manual handling is the classic example: Approximately 80% of the UAE adult population* suffer from back pain caused by lifting objects incorrectly, bad posture and lack of exercise. These are also recurrent attacks. Once a back is damaged, it is irreversible.

TRANSCO provide employees with Training and Education on correct lifting techniques and the correct sitting posture. This awareness is incorporated into a new employee’s induction.